10 Offline Marketing Strategies That Still Work Today


Marketing has seen a paradigm shift with the rise of all things online and mobile. Creating a business Facebook page, tweeting about industry news, sending sale push notifications to customers… the channels we use to talk to leads and customers are evolving every day. While these platforms are remarkably effective—hey, we wouldn’t be in business if they weren’t!—most successful businesses practice a combination of online and offline marketing strategies to generate leads and boost sales.

Sidewalk ads, branded giveaways (like pens or shirts), and local donations are all examples of offline guerrilla marketing. These simple actions are easy ways to spread the business name in subtle but effective ways. Below we pay tribute to the old-school marketing strategies that still do the job today.

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Making Stop Motion Animation Looks Really Hard


I mean, the animator in the gif above changes his shirt at least four times before he’s able to make the Ninja Monkey doll walk, like, a couple of steps. That’s a lot of time spent animating the most basic of motions lasting just seconds. Imagine all the elbow grease that goes into the more intense stuff, or even a minute of footage. In the behind-the-scenesfootage of Kubo and the Two Strings, we get to see a bit of the magic that goes into making a stop motion film.

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Ford Joins the VR Race With Dedicated 360-Video Content and Mobile App


Bringing cars into VR is far from a new concept. Back in April, BMW announced ways that they’d be using the HTC Vive to help actually design cars and, earlier this month, Vroom let you turn that same Vive into a car showroom. RelayCars, another showroom-style app on Gear VR, is one of the most popular apps on the platform, with over half a million downloads as of early July. The possibilities are plentiful with VR technology, not only for simulations, but demonstrations as well.

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The Traffic Lights Of User Centered Design: Staying Smart With Color


It is no secret that color theory plays a vital role in user experience. From highlighting CTAs to making sure that your text is readable, both the colors you choose and the context in which you show them are crucial to consider. Used correctly, color can evoke a specific reaction in your users and ensure that their experience with your product is as positive as possible.

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Disney May Have Found a Way to Deflect Lasers With a Lightsaber


When Disney opens 14-acre Star Wars areas in California and Florida in the coming years, there’s no doubt everything will be state of the art. In fact, a new patent suggests they’ve figured out a new way to make lightsabers work in the real world, but maybe not in the way you think.

A website called PatentYogi alerted us to a patent application, filed by Disney Enterprises, for something called an “Audience Interaction Projection System.” It’s obviously very technical but, it looks like Disney has created a system that would enable fans to deflect laser beams in real time, live in the park.

The system would likely have other uses too but, in the patent, this photo in particular seems telling.

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Social Media Don’ts for Small Business


A strong social network can become an asset for any business. Social media offers every business the opportunity to strengthen relationships with their target audience, creating loyal customers and even brand advocates. Exploiting this potential is no easy feat, but can be done if the medium is used well.

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This Sushi-Making Robot Is the Future We Deserve


If you haven’t seen the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi yet, it’s a fascinating look at the man behind the best sushi restaurant in the world, Jiro Ono, and his obsessive drive to continue to improve his craft, and stay one step ahead of the machines that might one day steal his job. Although he probably doesn’t know about his robot rivals yet.

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How Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything


The future is going to be genetically modified. That means the future could be disease-free with babies being designed in labs by parents who live in a world where aging has stopped all thanks to genetic engineering. Or the future might be something else entirely with state-mandated genetic engineering to turn citizens into super soldiers. Who knows.

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6 Tips – How to Market Your Small Business Mobile App


Wondering how to market your mobile app? Marketing your app is an on-going process.

Apps are as effective as their reach. It’s the cold truth of marketing—no matter the quality of your campaign, it’s the delivery that makes it successful. To ensure your mobile app lives up to its ROI potential, it’s import to invest in a well designed mobile marketing strategy, which can lead to hundreds or even thousands of downloads when properly leveraged.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on making an early dent with your mobile marketing plan.

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