6 Tips – How to Market Your Small Business Mobile App


Wondering how to market your mobile app? Marketing your app is an on-going process.

Apps are as effective as their reach. It’s the cold truth of marketing—no matter the quality of your campaign, it’s the delivery that makes it successful. To ensure your mobile app lives up to its ROI potential, it’s import to invest in a well designed mobile marketing strategy, which can lead to hundreds or even thousands of downloads when properly leveraged.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on making an early dent with your mobile marketing plan.


1. Know Your Audience

If you haven’t identified your core audience, you’ll never hit your sales target. First figure out who your app should cater to, then design for them. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Age range
  • Interests
  • Tech-savviness
  • Industry


Now how do you figure out who to market your mobile app to you ask? Here’s a few questions that you should ask yourself…

  • Does Your Audience Need an App?
  • Is Your Audience on iPhone?
  • Does Your Audience Use Apps?
  • What Internet tools do they use most every day?
  • What Internet tools do they not use ever?
  • What drives my target to make decisions?
  • Can I market to them with my app? Are they accessible?
  • Are there enough people in your target to be profitable?

Here’s 2 excellent articles about how to better understand your target market.

1. https://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog/target-audience-app/
2. http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/understanding-your-apps-target-audience–mobile-3968

2. Don’t Overlook Keywords

App store discoverability is a huge factor to consider when you’re launching your app. At least63% of iOS users search for apps organically, and a whopping 83% of all iOS apps are “Zombie Apps” that are essentially invisible in an organic App Store search. These stats underline the importance of keyword research and optimization. Aim to attract as much organic traffic to your site and app as possible by examining industry trends and staying up-to-date on app store optimization strategy.


Luckily, there are a TON of awesome tools out there that can help you find the right keywords to figure out how to market an app. This can incredibly important when planning how to market your app in the app store.

Check out these below for example:

3. Build an Online Presence

Enhance your app’s online presence as much as possible by showcasing it on your website and incorporating it into your other marketing channels. You can even go so far as creating a comprehensive website for the app itself. Here are a few more detailed ideas to consider when researching how to marketing your mobile app:


  • Landing Page: Dedicate a page of your front-end website to your mobile app. Include download links or scannable QR codes that lead visitors straight to the app store listing. Emphasize its benefits to the user, like cost-savings and insider product info, in addition to simply listing the features. Screenshots and promo videos are big selling points as well.
  • Blog Articles: Leading up to launch, post regular updates and sneak peeks on your company blog. Post-launch, continue to share the latest feature updates and user insights to capture the attention of new customers.
  • Banners: Design clickable website banners that convey essential info and link through to actionable content, like the download link or an app release blog post.
  • Emails: Add regular app update emails to your drip campaigns. You can pull content from your landing page and reframe it to work seamlessly within your email marketing campaign.

4. Schedule Your Launch

An app launch done right can bring a storm of downloads. Put your launch day on the calendar and begin advertising your “Official App Launch” to customers and leads. Create a social media buzz around it, promising exclusive offers and sending teasers out far and wide. When launch day arrives, offer special deals to the first users to download. Before you know it, you’ll have hundreds of customers with your app in their hands.


Here’s a list of things you’ll want to cover before you market your app and launch it.

1) Setup Facebook Page/Twitter account
2) Create a viral landing page
3) Send your launch page to everyone in your network
4) Post your app to beta launch websites

  1. Startup Submitter
  2. Beta List
  3. Erlibird
  4. Idea Squares
  5. Startupli.st

5. Hear Your Customers

At the first stages of your app’s release, listen closely to customer feedback. It helps to include a response form in your app and on your site. Regularly read over the app store store reviews—and ask loyal customers for positive ones— plus pay attention to common complaints. Keep these communication channels open in the long-run so you can continue revising and improving your app’s ratings, ultimately better serving your user base.


Here’s an awesome tip from KissMetrics: “Ask and you shall receive.” The quickest, easiest way to get an app review from someone is to ask them to do it within your app. There are a number of turn-key plugins available for iOS and Android that make it drop-dead simple to prompt the user to review your app. See the full post here: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/increase-mobile-app-reviews/

6. Consider Videos

Videos are a great way to demonstrate your app’s capabilities. They go further than words and screenshots can, providing a real glimpse into the user experience. Create a short promo video that tours the app’s UI, but avoid low-quality production at all costs—no video is better than shoddy video, and if you don’t have the resources to dedicate to it then you’re better off sticking to print. With short and clear videos, you can popularize your app on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram. The clip may not go viral, but you’re likely to nab some downloads and add a dose of professionalism along the way.

Here’s an amazing example of a mobile app marketing video:

Other areas to check out if you’re on a budget:

1) Upwork
2) Fiverr
3) Freelancer

Also check out this article for more cheap tips on how to market your app with video:http://www.onlinevideo.net/2012/05/10-free-and-cheap-online-video-production-tools-and-resources/

Marketing your app is crucial to it’s success. Many people wonder how to market an app perfectly without hiccups but if you do all of the above, plan accordingly, and adjust your strategy as your app marketing plan launches you should be in good shape.


Author: bbaker

Brett Baker has over 20 years experience in film, television and video game production. His television work includes special effects animation for " VanPires" (1997) animated series and post production for "Teletubbies" (2001). His video game work includes titles such as William Shatner's "Tekwar" and" ChronoMaster" featuring the voices of Ron Perlman and Lolita Davidovich. His animation studio Exodus Entertainment, was responsible for the animation that resulted in Mattel® being award the master toy license for the Harry Potter® franchise in 2002. He received his M.F.A. in filmmaking in 2004 before going on to work on feature film projects such as "Gringo Wedding" in 2006 and "Get Smart" in 2008. He currently owns and is an animator and designer with his own agency, Axxis 3.