Case study: Architectural Visualization

The Symphony at Boca Raton just completed construction. We had an opportunity to re-trace our steps from our pre-construction 3D visualization and recreate the walk through with video of the actual property.  The only thing we weren’t able to get was the single unit at the end as it is still under construction. How does the final result compare to the 3D visualization?


With Augmented Reality, decorating your home will never be the same

With the help of an interior designer, or going it alone, decorating your home always brought with it the risk of things not coming together the way you had envisioned – the lampshade didn’t actually fit the color scheme, the coffee table was too tall for your sofa, everything ended up too cluttered.

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Embracing Augmented Reality in 2018

For over a decade omni-channel has been a term used to describe digital and physical marketing. While many have strived to achieve an omni-channel strategy, unifying the digital and physical customer experiences have been an ongoing challenge for marketers. However, that may be changing. Advances in augmented reality (AR) can help to bring these two worlds together.

Over the next few years, we will see significant adoption of AR technology by brands and retailers as a way to engage consumers and deliver a more compelling brand experience. We will see AR bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds. In many ways, AR can serve as the cornerstone for tying the digital and physical brand experiences together.

Here are a few of the AR trends that can make this happen.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Augmented Reality App?

The mixed reality industry is likely to be by far the most profitable industry for this decade. The former is a statement that’s been repeated and re-said countless times over the past couple years. However, now the projected numbers wholly support the claim.
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How a Pop-Up Book Works


I enjoyed this portrait of pop-up book artist Matthew Reinhart because, well, pop-up books are awesome and will never stop being amazing no matter how old I am, or how far technology advances. But also because he explains the technical aspects that go into making a pop-up book, like the v-folds he uses to make something lunge out, the layers he builds to establish structure, and the different hinges he puts in to make objects move around.

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Ford Joins the VR Race With Dedicated 360-Video Content and Mobile App


Bringing cars into VR is far from a new concept. Back in April, BMW announced ways that they’d be using the HTC Vive to help actually design cars and, earlier this month, Vroom let you turn that same Vive into a car showroom. RelayCars, another showroom-style app on Gear VR, is one of the most popular apps on the platform, with over half a million downloads as of early July. The possibilities are plentiful with VR technology, not only for simulations, but demonstrations as well.

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